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Flexible Structures

The common thread among the dozens of transactions that we have completed is the flexibility of our structure. We tailor our investments to meet the needs of both selling shareholders and operating managers. In addition, we are sensitive to the employees and the surrounding community. Our objective is to structure investments that cater to the interests and needs of all parties involved.

Substantial Equity for Sellers and Management

FCP offers large ownership positions to managers in management buyouts and buy-ins. This partnership ensures that the management team is rewarded for the value that they create at the helm of the company. Alternatively, FCP's recapitalizations can be ideal for business owners who desire personal liquidity, yet wish to participate in the growth of the business while continuing to operate their company as they have in the past.

Retention of Operational Control by Management

FCP assists managers in strategic and financial matters but does not assume day-to-day control. FCP endeavors to maintain existing relationships with legal, accounting and other advisors of each company.

Partner for Growth

While FCP does not become involved with day-to-day management issues, we are strong partners for growth. When desired by our management partners, we are very active in the origination, structuring, funding and execution of add-on acquisitions and consolidation strategies. Since 1988, we have helped complete more than 60 add-on acquisitions.


Any shared information or discussions are held in strict confidence. We are a private organization, and there are no registration requirements or mandates for public disclosure, even after a transaction is completed.

Rapid Closings

FCP has the experience and the financial capability to quickly complete transactions. In the past, FCP has acquired or recapitalized companies in less than 45 days. Most transactions close within 60 to 90 days from the initial introduction.



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