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Management Buyout

Management Buy-in

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Management Buyout Of A Corporate Division

FCP helps managers acquire divisions of parent companies. Corporations selling divisions require that a buyer have both ample funding and a track record of closing transactions quickly and efficiently. As a well funded, experienced partner with a strong track record, FCP adds financial credibility to managers as they pursue their one chance to acquire the division they run. FCP has partnered with management to buy divisions of numerous large corporations, including Temple-Inland, The Dexter Corporation, R.P. Scherer and Dorcy International.

Rutland Plastic Technologies, Inc.
Pineville, North Carolina

FCP backed the management of Rutland Plastic Technologies in a management buyout of the division from its large public parent; The Dexter Corporation. Rutland is a leading producer of proprietary blended liquid plastics, primarily for the screen printing and auto aftermarket industries. FCP closed the transaction within 28 days of our first introduction to the company.



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