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FCP’s value creation process has been honed over 25+ years of investing experience and through more than 40 platform investments. Our process has been shaped over the years from our successes and our failures. What has not changed, and will not change, is that we work shoulder to shoulder with our management partners throughout the investment cycle.

  • We begin each investment with the development of an investment strategy. We start with a deep understanding of a Company's market trends, market position, and strengths and weaknesses, and then tailor our strategy to our investment horizon. The purpose of this “up front” work is to test long-standing assumptions, identify and define opportunities and threats, and refine and enhance long-term strategies.
  • Business processes and information systems are foundational and critical to support rapid growth. We enhance these processes and systems early in the investment cycle in anticipation of significant revenue growth.
  • Great companies attract and train the best talent in their industries. A robust talent identification and development system is at the center of our value creation process as people ultimately drive the successful execution of the investment strategy.
  • Revenue growth is at the core of value creation for any business. The development of the sales organization is an important part of our strategic plan, whether bringing discipline and structure to the sales process or training salespeople in the art of selling (preparation, preparation and preparation).
  • Although building a dynamic sales organization is a crucial part of any investment strategy, strategic acquisitions can be a key driver of value creation. These opportunities can rapidly accelerate plans to grow into new customers, adjacent geographies, and complimentary products and/or services.
  • Efficiency improvements are a key part of our value creation process. Whether implementing lean initiatives in operations, the supply chain or administration, we plan to do more with less.


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