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Largo, Florida


Adva-Lite is the world's largest manufacturer of penlights for the promotional products industry.

Adva-Lite sets themselves apart from their competition through their ability to quickly design, print and ship small, highly customized orders. In addition, the company provides a broad array of very high quality products to its distribution network.

Management Buyout - Adva-Lite was a "step-child" division of a diversified manufacturing conglomerate. FCP backed the division's top five managers in a management buyout.

Aquarium Systems
Mentor, Ohio


ASI is a leader in the formulation and design of aquarium products. The company manufactures, imports and markets a full line of high quality aquarium products for the pet supply industry. The company primarily markets its products to manufacturers' reps and distributors who in turn sell to independent pet specialty stores and pet superstores.

Aquarium Systems is also the nation's largest manufacturer of synthetic sea salt used in aquariums. In addition, the company is a leading marketer of electrical aquarium products including heaters and filters.

Owner Recapitalization - FCP acquired Aquarium Systems through a recapitalization. This structure allowed the owner to take significant cash out of his business while still retaining operating control and a large block of common stock.

Argosy Industries
Vista, California


A leading contract provider of tape and reel packaging services for electronic component manufacturers. In addition, Argosy offers its customers value-added services including carrier tape fabrication and electronic component inspection, programming, reconditioning, and labeling.

Recapitalization - The owner partnered with FCP to take some cash out of the business, as well as to transfer some of the company's ownership to his son.

Denver, Colorado

Aspen is a leading manufacturer, importer and marketer of high quality dog and cat products for the pet supply industry.

The company produces a full line of innovative collars, leashes and related accessories and selected toy products that are uniquely packaged and attractively merchandised through independent pet specialty stores and pet superstores.

Owner Recapitalization - FCP acquired Aspen through a recapitalization. This transaction allowed the two owners to take significant cash out of their business while still retaining operating control. In addition, the company gained FCP as an experienced financial partner to help fund and manage the aggressive growth of the business. Only three months after investing in Aspen, FCP funded the acquisition of Booda Products, a Los Angeles based manufacturer of dog and cat products which complemented Aspen's product mix. The add-on acquisition effectively doubled Aspen's annual revenues.

Atlantic Coast Fire Protection
Atlanta, Georgia

Atlantic Coast Fire Protection (ACFP) is one of the Southeast's largest designers, fabricators and installers of fire protection systems for commercial, industrial and residential buildings.

The fire protection industry is an extremely fragmented market. ACFP sets itself apart from its competition by providing "one stop" services to its customers. The company uses its sophisticated CAD/CAM capabilities to design entire systems. ACFP fabricates the complete sprinkler system and then provides turn key installation and maintenance services.

Owner Recapitalization/ Management Buy-In - This transaction was brought to FCP by a high quality and experienced CFO. We structured a recapitalization which allowed the founder to gain personal liquidity while continuing to run the company as CEO. In addition, this transaction afforded the opportunity for the CFO to become an equity shareholder as well.

Bell'O International, LLC.
Morganville, NJ


Bell'O is the design trend leader in ready to assemble home theater furniture offering a full line of home entertainment furnishings, centered on the burgeoning market for large screen, plasma, digital light projection, and liquid crystal display televisions.

Family Succession Recap - Bell'O's owner partnered with FCP to gain liquidity and allow certain family members of senior management to participate in equity ownership.

Bock & Clark
Akron, Ohio


The largest national coordinator of land title surveys for the commercial real-estate market. The company serves as a one-stop source of surveys for multi-site transactions throughout the U.S. The company also has three regional offices that provide both commercial and residential surveys.

Recapitalization - The two owners recapitalized Bock & Clark to provide personal liquidity and to transfer some ownership to two senior managers.

Book Club of America
Hauppage, New York

Book Club is an outsource service provider to the publishing industry that enables publishers to efficiently sell their surplus inventory. Book Club alleviates the significant costs incurred by publishers in the warehousing, sales effort, and destruction of surplus books.

Recapitalization - The owners partnered with FCP to diversify their net worth and gain a financial partner who would help grow the company to the next level.

Breen Color

Lambertville, New Jersey


Breen is a producer of custom plastic colorants, primarily for blow molders of consumer packaging and wire and cable manufacturers. The high level of custom work and extremely fast turnaround of samples and products make Breen a leader in its field.

Management Buy-In - At the request of the retiring seller, FCP brought to Breen a leader in the plastic colorant industry to serve as the new CEO. To the seller, the need for competent, friendly leadership was just as important as economic needs.

Classic Rope
Granbury, Texas



Classic is the nation's largest manufacturer of lariats for Western roping sports. Capitalizing on the Classic name, which is widely recognized within the industry, the company has successfully begun consolidating the equestrian industry. Since the initial recapitalization in 1996, Classic has acquired four companies. Today, in addition to lariat manufacturing, Classic sponsors and sanctions rodeos, manufactures saddles, and publishes a magazine dedicated to roping enthusiasts. The company also manufactures an extensive line of equine and rider orthopaedic products.

Classic's operation is vertically integrated, allowing the company to provide a broad array of high quality ropes, accessories, and rodeo shows to its customer base.

Owner Recapitalization - FCP backed the founder in recapitalizing his company. Our structure allowed him to take cash out of his business while gaining FCP as a deep-pocketed financial partner for growth. Since the initial recapitalization, Classic has acquired four companies within the equestrian industry.

Coastal Resources, Inc.
Savannah, Georgia

Coastal Resources is a provider of comprehensive repair, maintenance, and depot services of intermodal containers, chassis, and refrigeration units at intermodal transportation terminals. Coastal provides these services to a blue-chip customer base consisting of the major steamship lines from four facilities located throughout the Southeast.

Recapitalization - Through FCP’s recapitalization, the owner of Coastal Resources gained liquidity to diversify his personal net worth, while also maintaining daily operating control and a significant ownership position in his company. With this ownership, he will be able to capitalize on the company's future expansion through organic growth, and add-on acquisitions of similar companies competing within the same industry niche.

Union, South Carolina

CPE is the nation's largest manufacturer of craft felt for the arts and crafts industry.

CPE markets uniquely packaged craft products to arts and crafts retailers throughout North America.

Management Buy-in - The retirement of this division's key operator created a management void at the company. FCP backed a seasoned hobby and craft executive in buying this entity from the parent company.

Thomasville, NC

CPP is the nation's largest manufacturer of disposable aprons and sleeves used in a wide variety of applications including food processing, electronics manufacturing and medical/health-
care environments.

CPP provides its customers with an extremely broad line of high quality products. In addition, the company's automated manufacturing facility also made the company the leading low cost producer within its niche.

Owner Recapitalization - The two owners of CPP had been approached by a large international buyer. The owners were not ready to cash out entirely. Instead, they partnered with FCP to recapitalize the company. The transaction allowed the owners to take cash out of the business while retaining significant equity ownership and operating control of their company.

Custom Molded
Products, LLC

Newnan, Georgia



Custom Molded Products is a leading manufacturer of injection molded plastic components used in the spa, pool and jetted tub industries. Products include consumer facing pieces that are integral to the aesthetics of the spa, pool or tub such as jets, fittings and other various plastic components.

Recapitalization- the two owners sought a financial partner to diversify their net worth while maintaining operational control of the company. FCP supports growth through help developing organizational initiatives and assisting with add-on acquisitions.

Environmental Express
Charleston, South Carolina



Environmental Express is the leading developer, manufacturer, and marketer of consumable supplies for the environmental laboratory testing market.  Environmental Express is one of the only laboratory products companies to focus exclusively on the environmental testing market, supplying an entire range of products used in applications such as water/wastewater analysis, oil and grease analysis, metals concentration analysis, and hazardous waste analysis. 

Recapitalization- The owner of Environmental Express pursued a recapitalization in order to diversify his estate, allow certain members of senior management to participate in the equity post-closing, capitalize on significant growth opportunities, and transition his role at the Company to focus more directly on product development. 

EP Pro
New York, New York
August 1998




EP Pro is a premier designer and marketer of branded ladies golf sportswear. EP Pro's products are sold in over 2,000 golf professional shops, country clubs and resorts throughout North America and the United Kingdom.

Recapitalization - The two owners of EP Pro partnered with FCP in an effort to diversify their estates and gain a financial partner who would support organic growth opportunities.

EZ Shipper Racks, Inc.
Westlake Village, California



EZ Shipper Racks, Inc. is the nation’s only reusable rack rental, recovery, and closed loop logistics management company for the efficient bulk shipping and display of live goods from nurseries to retailers. The company is currently branching into non-nursery recoverable displays in the nation's leading home improvement centers.

Recapitalization - The three owners partnered with FCP to diversify their net worth and gain a financial partner who would support growth in the nursery and hard goods markets.

Katzenburg Brothers
Baltimore, Maryland

Katzenberg is a leading manufacturer of customized physical education and team sports jerseys and shorts.

This 90 year old family business specializes in selling customized, short run orders to high schools, recreational leagues and sporting goods shops.

Family Succession - FCP backed the third generation in buying the company from the second generation. This structure allowed the retiring family members to take cash out of the business, while also permitting the operating family members to retain significant ownership and operating control.

Katzkin Leather Interiors
Montebello, California


Manufacturer of aftermarket leather seating kits. The individual kits are designed by the company, and are tailored specifically to fit into a broad array of foreign and domestic automobiles. The kits are installed in the aftermarket by professional trim shops.

Recapitalization – The owner was able to diversify his personal net worth and transfer some equity ownership to two key executives at the company.

Levin HomeCare
Delray Beach, FL



Levin HomeCare is one of Florida's largest nurse registries, providing private duty home care services through an independent contractor  caregiver network of home health aides and certified nurse aides.  Levin matches these caregivers with the elderly and others needing assistance with daily living activities.  The company serves a client base from Jacksonville to Miami, FL.  

Management Buyout- Levin's CEO partnered with FCP in purchasing the company from the owners.  FCP will support Levin with new systems and policies implementation, recruiting key senior management positions, and growing the company through opening new locations and completing add on acquisitions.

Lorvic Corporation
St. Louis, Missouri

Lorvic is a niche manufacturer and distributor of disposable and consumable dental products including a wide range of oral cleaning solutions and infection control devices.

Lorvic makes an extensive line of niche products which are overlooked by large manufacturers because of their lower unit volumes.

Management Buyout - The original founder of the business sold the company to an international medical company. FCP backed the founder's son in buying the business back through a management buyout.

M&R Marking Systems
Piscataway, New Jersey


M&R designs, manufactures and markets a full line of high quality hand stamps for the office supply industry.

The company is a leading innovator in the application of new technologies to this market. In addition, the company is the low cost producer of high quality products due to its highly automated manufacturing operation.

Family Recapitalization - FCP partnered with the father and his two sons who owned and operated the business. Our structure allowed the family to take some cash out of the business without giving up control of the company. The father and two sons continue to operate the business just as they had in the past. They also have the advantage of working with a well funded financial partner.

Manan Medical Products
Northbrook, Illinois

Manan is a leading manufacturer of a complete line of specialized biopsy needles for mammography, hematology and urology. In addition, the company produces a full line of automatic biopsy guns used to obtain tissue samples.

The company was founded in 1966 as a tool and die manufacturer and has evolved into a specialty medical company over the last three decades. The company's cash flows are solidified by its diverse customer base, its broad array of products and the rigors of complying with FDA regulations.

Owner Recapitalization - FCP structured a transaction which allowed the founding brothers to take cash out of their business while still running the company and retaining significant equity ownership.

Nations Fence
Orlando, Florida



Nations is one of the largest fence installation companies in the US. The company serves both the residential and commercial markets and offers customers a wide variety of fence products including wood, chain-link, and PVC. Today, Nations has 11 branches from West Palm to Philadelphia.

Consolidation - The owner sought a financial partner experienced in consolidations. As of December 2002, FCP had backed the owner in making 10 add-on acquisitions.

New Horizon Auto Paint/ Thompson Paint & Body Supply
Clearwater, Florida /
Los Angeles, California


Thompson is the nation's dominant distributor of aftermarket auto paint and related auto body repair supplies.

The aftermarket auto paint distribution business is extremely fragmented. The company's extensive distribution infrastructure allows Thompson to provide rapid, high quality service to customers within its region.

Industry Consolidation - FCP recapitalized a large distributor in Clearwater and then funded the acquisition of a competitor in Orlando. This transaction allowed the founder to take cash out of his business and continue to run the company as he had in the past. At the same time, he gained FCP as a financial partner to fund an aggressive growth program which resulted in more than a dozen acquisitions and a very successful initial and secondary public offering. Thompson now generates more than $200 million in annual sales.

Niemand Industries
Statesville, North Carolina

Niemand is a leading manufacturer of spiral wound paperboard packaging for the cosmetics industry.

Niemand's niche centers around the company's ability to quickly complete short runs of highly decorated packaging for its customers.

Management Buyout - Niemand was run by the second generation of absentee family owners. FCP backed an industry expert in acquiring the business and providing liquidity for the family.

Perfecto Manufacturing
Noblesville, Indiana



Perfecto is the nation's second largest manufacturer of aquariums and related accessories including hoods, stands, lights and other decorative items.

Operating out of a 400,000 square foot plant in Indiana, the company offers the most complete line of aquariums available, with tanks ranging in size from 5 to 300 gallons. In addition, the company's Midwest location creates significant distribution advantages.

Management Buyout - FCP backed the top seven members of the incumbent management team in acquiring Perfecto from its founder.

 Perky-Pet Products
Denver, Colorado



Perky-Pet is one of the nation's leading manufacturers of wild bird feeders. From its 200,000 square foot facility in Denver, Colorado, the company produces a complete line of wild bird feeders and accessories. The company is a leading supplier to the lawn and garden, hardware and pet industries.

Owner Recapitalization
- FCP partnered with the two owners of the company in a recapitalization. The transaction provided significant personal liquidity for the owners. In addition, they continue to own and operate the company just as they had in the past. FCP will continue to provide strategic support and additional capital for growth through acquisition.

Polymer Extruded

Newark, New Jersey



Polymer Extruded Products, or PEP, is a premier manufacturer of specially engineered and niche marketed plastic films and sheets. PEP holds strong market shares in each of its core product lines. Products manufactured by PEP include Korad acrylic films which are used as decorative and UV protective surfacing, and plate polished cellulose acetate sheets which are of optical quality and are used in safety eye-wear such as face shields or ski goggles. PEP's products are ultimately sold to "converters" who perform additional operations on the product or incorporate the material into a composite product, which is then offered for sale to consumers.

Recapitalization - FCP partnered with the company owner/operators in a recapitalization. The transaction generated personal liquidity for the owners, and more importantly, provided them with a partner to back them in the acquisition of strategically appropriate add-on acquisitions.

Precision Aviation Group, Inc.
Atlanta, GA



Precision Aviation Group (PAG) is a leading provider of aircraft parts and maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) services for Rotary and Fixed-Wing aircraft.  The company operates two FAA certified Repair Stations in Atlanta, GA and Transport Canada approved Distribution / AMO facilities in Vancouver, BC.  PAG focuses on component overhaul of Avionics, Instrumentation, and Accessories.

Recapitalization - The owners partnered with FCP in a recapitalization to gain an experienced financial partner to assist PAG with acquisitions and organizational development initiatives such as systems implementation and augmenting its’ management team.

Prodelin Corporation
Hickory, North Carolina

Prodelin is the world's largest manufacturer of composite VSAT antennas used in satellite communications.

Prodelin provides a broad line of high quality, custom engineered antennas for satellite system integrators.

Owner Recapitalization - FCP recapitalized Prodelin with the two owners of the business. The transaction allowed the owners to take cash out of the company while retaining significant equity ownership and operating control of their business. In addition, a handful of other key managers obtained equity ownership as a result of the recapitalization structure.

PTN Publishing
Melville, New York

PTN is a leader in the monthly trade magazine publishing business. The company produces 68 monthly trade magazines for 45 different industries.

PTN's magazine titles are typically the number one or number two magazine within their field.

Industry Consolidation - FCP structured a management build-up starting with three magazine titles. Over a seven year period, the company has grown through an aggressive acquisition program, acquiring six trade shows and 65 additional magazine titles.

Roanoke, Virginia


Source4 serves as a one-stop source for a total business solution. The company’s five core business units - document management, promotional marketing, fulfillment and distribution, technology services and commercial printing, offer customers a fully-integrated resource.

Recapitalization - The owner sought to gain a strong financial partner to help his company in growing through acquisitions. Source4 has completed six add-ons to date.


Spectrum Corporation
Selmer, Tennessee


A leading independent compounder, blender, packager, and marketer of specialty lubricants. Products include 2-cycle and small engine 4-cycle oils, bar and chain oil, and hydraulic fluid, which are all commonly used in power lawn and garden equipment.

Recapitalization - The owners sought a liquidity event that would allow them to diversify their personal net worth, while maintaining daily operating control of the company.

Red Hawk Industries
Denver, Colorado



Red Hawk is the nation’s 2nd largest provider of transaction / access security (TAS) products and services. The company offers sales, repair, and maintenance services on all types and brands of TAS equipment including safes, ATMs, safe deposit boxes, and CCTV systems. Red Hawk’s customer base consists of financial institutions and retail establishments.

Consolidation – The owner sought an experienced financial partner who could back him in an industry consolidation. Red Hawk and FCP completed 14 add-on acquisitions during the investment period growing revenues and profits tenfold.

Rutland Plastic Technologies
Pineville, North Carolina

Rutland is a leading manufacturer of plastisols, which are additives used to enhance the features of a variety of materials including printing inks, adhesives, molding compounds, sealants and coatings.

Rutland sells primarily to the textile, automotive and industrial markets and has secured a leading market share in each of these fragmented segments. The company has established a well recognized brand name over the past 30 years by producing the finest specialized plastisols, providing innovative solutions to customer problems and pioneering many technological developments in the industry.

Management Buyout - FCP backed the top seven members of the incumbent management team in acquiring Rutland from its corporate parent.

Standard Tool, Inc.
Greensboro, North Carolina


Standard manufactures the industry’s most complete line of specialized equipment, tools and accessories for automotive collision repair shops, including the nation’s best selling drive-on frame straightening racks. More than 80% of the company’s sales are generated by the Tools USA catalog, which is mailed free of charge to independent, franchised and dealership owned collision repair shops across the country.

Owner Recapitalization/Management Buy-In - The founder of the business was looking for the opportunity to reduce his duties at the company without sacrificing his upside. FCP structured a combination recapitalization/management buy-in. This arrangement permitted the founder to take cash out of his business and reduce his day-to-day responsibilities.

United States Environmental
Services, LLC

Meraux, Louisiana



United States Environmental Services offers oil and hazardous material emergency spill response, tank and pipeline cleaning, utility sector support, demolition, NORM cleaning, site remediation and restoration, hydroblasting, and in-plant maintenance services to customers in the petrochemical, industrial, oil, and transportation industries. The company operates nine locations throughout the Gulf States region.

Recapitalization - Two owners sought a liquidity event and a financial partner who would support growth efforts spearheaded by the Company’s president and senior management team.

Wheel Pros, Inc.
Denver, Colorado



Wheel Pros is the country's largest independent distributor of custom aftermarket wheels, performance tires, and related accessories for cars, SUVs, and light trucks. Wheel Pros operates 15 warehouse locations across the U.S. and services a customer base consisting primarily of retail tire shops.

Recapitalization - The two owners partnered with FCP to diversify their net worth and gain a financial partner who would support growth through the opening of new warehouse locations across the US.





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